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Square jars

The square containers that bring order.
Placed neatly next to each other, the jars save space and the side surfaces are perfect for labels. Eight different variants with four edges. From 140 ml to 870 ml. Available with various types of finishes.

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If your requirements are already crystal clear, you have come to the right place.

Are you looking for the right glass containers for your products? Then get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing your requirements, ideas and suggestions – and we will address your needs directly.

Please note the minimum order quantities we require for different volumes.

Up to 250 ml volume / 500.000 pieces a year
251 ml to 500 ml volume / 400.000 pieces a year
501 ml to 1.000 ml volume / 300.000 pieces a year
1.001 ml to 1.999 ml volume / 200.000 pieces a year
From 2.000 ml volume / 100.000 pieces a year

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